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January 15, 2014 Baby Palmer

Last year, I received an email from a newly pregnant Mama. She was having her first baby and wanted me to shoot the birth. Seeing as though THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING TO SHOOT, of course, I was THRILLED! So just after 10am on January 6th, I got the ‘we’re at the hospital and they are prepping her for surgery RIGHT NOW’ call. Thankfully, a delay in bloodwork allowed me to get there before they whisked her away… Here is Mama, just before heading into the operating room.

p19334855 5 Baby Palmer

Time check. Baby was born a mere 10 minutes later.

p688974817 5 Baby Palmer

Hanging in the labor and delivery room with the grandparents and coworkers was sweet. Everybody was happy and anxious and many of them expressed their ‘feelings’ about the new baby being a BOY. I’ve been there. You just KNOW it, right? WRONG! It was a GIRL! We were all shocked. Even the Mama and Daddy thought it was going to be a boy! Everyone was so excited! Seriously, smiles all around, everywhere I looked. This makes waiting to find out the sex of the baby totally WORTH it!

p1065834831 5 Baby Palmer

Every time I’ve shot a birth, I’ve cried a little happy tear. What can I say? I’m an emotional sap when it comes to love and babies. This time, it was right at this moment. Proud Daddy and his proud Dad. Both incredibly happy and in love.

p1060832170 5 Baby Palmer

Here are some other photos I captured of this happy family and sweet baby girl. This is one lucky little girl!

p964916294 5 Baby Palmer

p829289966 5 Baby Palmer

p599759662 5 Baby Palmer

p935963334 5 Baby Palmer

p1005401291 5 Baby Palmer

Let me tell you, this couple should have LOTS of kids. The world would be a better place if all babies came from such loving, patient, and tender families.

p769194143 5 Baby Palmer

Congrats to the Bradley and Palmer families! Thanks again for letting me capture your special day! -kw



This is only the second birth that I have had the pleasure of witnessing (besides my own 2 C-sections) and man, it just never gets old. In fact, I’m willing to bet it’s awesome EVERY SINGLE TIME! I just find it so incredible even though scientifically, it’s business as usual. Baby Faith’s loving Daddy in the photos below is my cousin. It took a little convincing to get his wife to agree to let me photograph their baby’s birth, and I’m really glad she finally agreed. I’m holding out hope that someday she will look back on these photos and be so thankful that she has them. Sadly, I only have a few snapshots of my babies getting yanked from my innards, and now that they are 5 and 2 years old, I SOOO wish I had hired a photographer to document their births. You just can’t ever get that day back. That sweet but exhausting day you meet one of the most important people in your life.

On the day before Faith was born, I received the email update that not much progress was happening yet with the progression of the labor. After all, the due date was still a few weeks away. That night trying to get caught up on some editing, I chugged some sweet caffeine and stayed up until 2am, taking full advantage of a quiet house. An hour and a half later, I get the call from my cousin that they were at the hospital and the baby is a ‘comin! Whew. Some people don’t need much sleep to function like a normal human being. I’m NOT one of those people. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have been more excited to be heading to the hospital to call ‘Witness!’ to this miracle. Here are the pics of adorable baby Faith and her happy but exhausted parents.



p158153723 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


Then at 7:16am, out she came. Welcome to the world, little Pumpkin!




p403984615 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


p260677618 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


p217029256 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


Thanks again to my cousin and his wife for letting me be a part of their incredible and life-changing day! Congrats to you both! Big kisses to Faith!

Happy, happy first birthday to my precious niece Bella! Many kisses and hugs to you. Aunt Kris loves you!

p711721088 5 Happy Birthday, Bella!