January 15, 2014 Baby Palmer

Last year, I received an email from a newly pregnant Mama. She was having her first baby and wanted me to shoot the birth. Seeing as though THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING TO SHOOT, of course, I was THRILLED! So just after 10am on January 6th, I got the ‘we’re at the hospital and they are prepping her for surgery RIGHT NOW’ call. Thankfully, a delay in bloodwork allowed me to get there before they whisked her away… Here is Mama, just before heading into the operating room.

p19334855 5 Baby Palmer

Time check. Baby was born a mere 10 minutes later.

p688974817 5 Baby Palmer

Hanging in the labor and delivery room with the grandparents and coworkers was sweet. Everybody was happy and anxious and many of them expressed their ‘feelings’ about the new baby being a BOY. I’ve been there. You just KNOW it, right? WRONG! It was a GIRL! We were all shocked. Even the Mama and Daddy thought it was going to be a boy! Everyone was so excited! Seriously, smiles all around, everywhere I looked. This makes waiting to find out the sex of the baby totally WORTH it!

p1065834831 5 Baby Palmer

Every time I’ve shot a birth, I’ve cried a little happy tear. What can I say? I’m an emotional sap when it comes to love and babies. This time, it was right at this moment. Proud Daddy and his proud Dad. Both incredibly happy and in love.

p1060832170 5 Baby Palmer

Here are some other photos I captured of this happy family and sweet baby girl. This is one lucky little girl!

p964916294 5 Baby Palmer

p829289966 5 Baby Palmer

p599759662 5 Baby Palmer

p935963334 5 Baby Palmer

p1005401291 5 Baby Palmer

Let me tell you, this couple should have LOTS of kids. The world would be a better place if all babies came from such loving, patient, and tender families.

p769194143 5 Baby Palmer

Congrats to the Bradley and Palmer families! Thanks again for letting me capture your special day! -kw



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What a fun, fun wedding! I had a great time second-shooting this wedding with Renee of Studio Elle Photography back in September. By the time we are done shooting most weddings, I’m exhausted and ready for bed. This wedding was different. When we left, I almost felt like I was going to miss one hell of a good time. THAT’S the sign of an awesome wedding! Here are the photos I took of that day.

p876211951 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013


This is one of my favorite things about second-shooting: Catching those sweet candid moments that I wouldn’t see if I was at the front of the church, where the main photographer is suppose to be. Here is Matt with his Mom and Dad, about to walk down the aisle.

p796498290 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

And the best man and maid of honor, enjoying the start of an amazing day.

p895817007 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

p901249307 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

From the balcony, I captured these precious moments. What a sweet little thing this girl is!

p763230831 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

p571179260 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013


Blending in with the crowd, I got these ones.

p971164955 5 Stacy and Matt   September 2013


p984458947 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

I love this one. Easily one of my favorites of this wedding. While Renee was with the bride and groom, I snapped a few of the bridal party, who were feeling good and letting loose.

p943770726 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

And finally, a few moments of the kick-ass reception. Lots of fun, lots of love. Big pat on the back to the people that planned this wedding. Great job!

p974354777 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

p1008171219 5 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

p837089261 5 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

p955639064 4 Stacy and Matt   September 2013

Thanks to Renee for paying me to do what I love to do, shoot candid shots of people having fun.

Click here to visit Renee’s blog post about this amazing wedding. Those pics are beautiful, Renee!

Congrats to Stacy & Matt! I hope your marriage is as fun as your wedding day! -kw


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At the last minute, I was asked to shoot a surprise 60th Disco-themed birthday party. Yeah, they had me at Disco.  I was really hoping that it was going to be as fun as it sounded. Let me tell you, these guests DID NOT disappoint! There were so many cool and fun 70′s outfits at this party, I was surprised that people still had these types of clothes. One girl was wearing a floor-length, long-sleeved flowery bridesmaid dress. Sure, it looked great at this party. But I thought to myself, “Who holds onto this stuff?!” Well, someone with more closet space than me, that’s for sure. Not only that, there were funny references to the 70′s such as cocaine-laced nostrils, massive chest hair, and a fake ball-fro you could get lost in. Even the DJs dressed up for the occasion. It was great fun! Anyhow, here are a few of my favorites from the party.

p1143691438 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party


p1143691600 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party

p1143691200 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party

p1143691616 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party

p1143691160 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party

p1143691180 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party

p1143691498 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party

p1143691352 5 Jims Surprise Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Jim! -kw

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Thinking about upgrading to the new iPhone 5? Well, before you sell that old iPhone or give it to your child to play with, listen up.

A few months back, the minutes expired on my pay-as-you-go (PAYG) phone. And while I love the ‘ol PAYG phones, I kind of got tired of carrying around two phones. (Totally petty, I know.) It wasn’t actually two phones per se, it was one cellphone and one old iPhone, which without a phone plan, was just a newer iPod Touch. You see, I have a hand-me-down iPhone 4. Frankly, I don’t actually NEED a smartphone, I just need a working cellphone, which is why this conversion works for me. The WiFi and other features of the Apple products are just a bonus. And it’s grown on me. Anyhow, since the minutes were expiring on my cheap PAYG phone, I asked my Tech-savy husband if I could just convert my iPhone 4, i.e. ‘fancy iPod Touch’, into a bona-fide PAYG phone. His stern answer: NO. Not one to back down so easily, I did what I do best. I researched online. Within five minutes, I found an old blog post explaining how to do such a thing. But that blog post was for converting the iPhone 3 into a PAYG phone. The size of the SIM cards have changed from the 3 to the 4 and 4s, so I had to dig deeper.

In a nutshell, I needed to find a PAYG plan from a company that sold a phone with a removable SIM card. The phone doesn’t matter whatsoever since I’m not planning to use it anyway. I just needed the SIM card and a PAYG plan. Many of the smaller PAYG phone companies that have helluva good minute and text plans don’t have SIM cards in their phones. What they have, I don’t know. It’s really a pity, though. Last year, I had a PAYG phone from Platinum Tel that cost me all of $85 for an entire year of calls and messaging. Talk about a steal! However, I was willing to pay a bit more just so that I can use my iPhone. Plus, that old phone had a tendency to drop calls which kinda sucks.

Anyhow, it was narrowed down to two, almost three phone companies: AT&T, Verizon, and almost, but not yet Virgin Mobile. Some of these companies offer PAYG smartphones now, but you have to pay for the smartphone. If you already have one, you can’t get on one of these plans (nor would you want to because they are priced higher to include the cost of the phone). No company that I know of has a PAYG plan in place for old, used iPhones. Nevertheless, using this method got me exactly that: A PAYG iPhone. It should be noted that the ‘smartphone’ part of this phone is only available when connected to a wireless network. The phone and messaging work anywhere and everywhere. But if I want to hop online or check the weather, I need to be near and connected to a wireless network. Do I wish it was a working smartphone 24/7? Absolutely. But as a full-time stay at home Mom and a part-time photographer, there is no way I can justify paying hundreds of dollars a year for a cellphone. The hub’s company pays for his phone, so we don’t need a family plan. I do realize that family plans are BIG money-savers, so if you have a few people in your family that need/want smartphones, that is probably the way to go. Except, of course, that you have to BUY a new smartphone.

So, deciding that AT&T had the best plan for me, I set off to buy a GoPhone. I went to the local AT&T store and somewhat told the surly girl working there my intentions. She quickly told me that no, it wouldn’t work for the simple reason that the SIM cards are different sizes. Besides, these companies would make a whole lot more money on smartphones if converting the old iPhones DID NOT work. After walking out of that store empty handed, I headed over to the local Walmart. At last, I found a like-minded dude working in the electronics department. This guy seemed to know his stuff and was surprised and impressed by my idea. Right away, he pointed out the differently sized SIM cards, but then followed it up with, “But you could buy a SIM card cutter and cut it into a Micro SIM.” This blew my mind. Just. Bang. I said, amazed, “You mean you just cut the card? And it doesn’t damage it?” At this point I was getting excited. I thought that finally, my plan just might come to fruition and (bonus!) I could rub it in my husband’s face! (Say Uncle!) Well, I bought the cheapest AT&T GoPhone at Walmart but I didn’t want to buy a SIM card cutter just to cut one measly SIM card. So yet again, I ran home and researched online how to cut the SIM card myself. With scissors. MacGyver-style. This is what I found. An adorable Australian college student with a template and instructions. Man, I LOVE the internet!

Here is the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUpkX4P6FWA

Following his instructions, I cut that new SIM card (also called a Mini SIM) to Micro SIM size and popped it in my old iPhone 4. Poof! After activating the phone, it was a working, functioning PAYG non-smartphone iPhone 4. Now, it’s worth noting that I’m not a big phone-talker. In fact, I hate it. I don’t have that filter found in normal people wherein they stop talking before making an ass of themselves. So naturally, I prefer the thoughtful process of email and texting. Ah, texting. The plan that I have now, after experimenting with a few plans that proved to be not generous enough in the minutes/texts per $ area, is the $9.99/month for up to 1000 texts. And phone calls are 10 cents per minute. I rarely make/take calls on my phone, so it’s a deal for me. They have plans that have unlimited texts/calls for around $50/month, which is way more than I want/need.

While I realize that this plan is not for everybody, I do think it is ideal for me. I also think this plan is ideal for tweens or teens that want the latest gadgets, but no money to afford them. Plus, you can buy an AT&T gift card that can be used toward the minutes/text of a plan. So you don’t need a credit card to start a plan. Perhaps baby-boomers that want a phone but don’t necessarily need a smartphone could benefit from this too.

If you have any additional questions about how I did this or if you know how I can cheaply convert this phone to a bona-fide smartphone, I’d love for you to leave me a comment. Thanks! -KW

UPDATE 2/8/13: Platinum Tel now offers ‘BYOP’ or Bring Your Own Phone plans. You can buy SIM cards from them to use their plans with whatever phone you already have. Yep. I’m heading over there as soon as I run out of money on my current AT&T plan. Horray for PTel!!!

UPDATE 2/25/13: PTel’s SIM cards are the big ‘ol mama-jamas. So I used the video mentioned above to cut it. I decided to go with the Real Pay-As-You-Go plan and then bought a hotspot from Virgin Mobile. Figured that way I can use the WiFi for my phone, the kid’s Kindle Fires, and a future iPad that I’m toying with the idea of buying. That hotspot was on sale for $83 and change, then costs $30 per month (no contract) for 4G of data, which is more than enough for our needs. I could easily bump it up to $40/mo. for 5G and so on, but 4G should be plenty for now. Next task: Come up with a creative name for my hotspot… Oh, it is ON!



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Remember my friends, Peas and Carrots? Welp. They finally did it. It’s done. They went ahead and got married.

I second-shot this wedding under the wonderfully sweet and friendly Renee with Studio Elle Photography. She generously let me do my thing and we worked together swimmingly. (Go ahead and check out her work. Seriously. She’s as sweet as she is talented.)

I really enjoy shooting documentary-style, and second-shooting weddings is the PERFECT opportunity to do just that. You see, Renee (or any other main photographer) gets all the must-have photos while I fetch the Gatorade and the groom’s Dad whom is shmoozing with the guests somewhere outside. (Yeah, I’m talking about you, Frank.) Yet when all are present and the main photographer is ready to go, she can do her thing comfortably and then I can creep along the sidelines and grab candid photos of things that happen during the day. Things that go unnoticed by most people. But for the stunner in the white dress and the dude by her side, they are the shots that trigger wonderful memories of that beautiful day. The big, huge day when rings and last names are shared.

Here are some of my favorites of that day…

p1135047770 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

Shoutout to Justine Collier with The Hair Specialists in Hudson. She and her crew did an amazing job with the bridal party’s hair and make-up!

p1135048212 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135047788 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135047808 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135047984 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048122 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048200 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048334 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048394 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048564 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048522 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

Biggest heartfelt congratulations to the lovely Jaime and the wonderful Matt as they begin sharing bills and peeing with the door open. Uh, I mean marriage. Begin an everlasting and loving marriage. icon smile Peas And Carrots Get Hitched





One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I get invited to some pretty important milestones in other people’s lives. Like a child’s first communion. And it really is a win-win for me and the client because Jen, who hired me to photograph her son’s first communion, doesn’t have to worry about getting photos of the day. She can just sit back and enjoy the ceremony and dinner, without the additional worry of sufficiently documenting it. These are some of the photos I took that day at the beautiful Blessed Sacrament Church in Warren, Ohio. Man, I hope to do more work in that church. It was so bright and airy in there, which is not typical of churches, as you probably know.

p730874251 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

p1059620032 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

I love this one. The teacher was having the kids ‘practice’ holding their hands correctly in order to receive their first communion. Think he’s got it…

p679328557 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

p853940623 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

Here, the priest is splashing holy water on the congregation. I had to duck and weave to avoid the water. Holy or otherwise, my camera is not a fan of water. No, sir.

p1049748866 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

p1006057112 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

p604858346 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

p890766305 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

What do you do when you’ve had a long day and you’ve pretty much had enough? You cuddle with your Mama, that’s what.

p794873767 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

p978361118 5 Eddies First Communion   May 2012

Congrats, Eddie! I hope you feel as loved as I know you are. -kw

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Well, after 3 years of taking a break from shooting weddings, I am… well, I guess I’m back… Hey, I had a kid in that time, so it wasn’t all pedicures and reality television!

Danielle the bride and I go way back. We played softball together back in Niles, Ohio when we were all boy-haircuts and  knee socks. So when I heard the news of Danielle and Jason’s engagement, I was sooooo thrilled for them! I met him a couple years ago and thought they were perfect for each other. Danielle is sort of the smart, loud-mouthed, I-do-things-my-way, witty one in the group. Which matches perfectly with Jason, since he’s all intelligent humor and laid back go-with-the-flow.  Both of them have gone through immeasurable loss and came out stronger and wiser on the other side. Like I said: Perfect for each other. Danielle insisted that I shoot their wedding, and I am really glad she did. I loved every minute of being there in Kansas City.  Dust off the ‘ol wedding attire and let’s do this!

First up: Rehearsal Dinner. Lots of laughs, hugs, and sweet sentiment. Not to mention heartfelt gratitude and meaningful gifts. Danielle can work the crowd like a true master of ceremonies! Her son is the same way. Both comfortable as the center of attention, cracking jokes and full of love to give and get. It really was such a beautiful segway into the wedding day.

p702176164 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p1047625079 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p844878770 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

On the morning of the wedding, the girls spent hours getting their hair fixed and make-up applied. I’m pretty sure the guys woke up about 30 minutes before they were suppose to be at the wedding venue. Guess it’s not all bad, though. Getting pampered is quite lovely, no?

p864703544 4 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p919079187 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

Then. The dress. My God, the DRESS! Hearing Danielle talk about buying a dress only weeks before the wedding, I honestly expected some small, white cocktail dress. A pretty dress, to be sure. But nothing this gorgeous. Wow. Just. Wow!

p601716918 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

Sure, it took a few girls to help tie her into the thing. But it was worth it!

Then it was on to Livestrong Sporting Park. Danielle and Jason are the first couple to be married at the brand new stadium. What a labyrinth that thing is! Vast and spacious, and very, very tastefully designed, too. It was the perfect setting for these two huge soccer fans.

The couple opted to have a ‘First Look’ wherein they see each other for the first time that day, not at the ceremony, but rather beforehand at a predetermined location. A date of ‘check out how hot I look in this get-up’, if you will. As you can tell, they were both very pleased and excited about seeing each other all dressed and and ready to be married. Jason could barely keep his eyes off of Danielle.

p1001455567 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p789844696 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p996491418 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p858461223 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

The ceremony was succinct and sweet. Lots of love between these two, as you can see. I also thought it was very sweet for the minister to include Danielle’s son, Nathan into the vows. Talk about an awesome kid. No shortage of love for that boy.

p618026904 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p716468536 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

Right after the ceremony, we headed out to the field to capture a quick shot with the scoreboard, proudly displaying their names.

p560639159 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

Then the party began! Drinking + dancing = FUN! A special visit from Calvin the Comet was a big hit with the kids, too.

p888913770 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p650180348 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p785699527 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p862438379 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p1025530343 4 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p640719328 5 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

p602531344 4 Ross / Knoll Wedding   March 10, 2012

The vendors used for this celebration are as follows. Trust me, they are all WONDERFUL! From the make-up to the DJ, everybody did a fabulous job and was super helpful with whatever the couple or I needed. (Thanks for being great, all!)

Hair: Meggie Hilboldt and Abby Eckirt with Par Exsalonce

Make-up: Kate Webb and Staci Broski with 7th Row

DJ: Danny Haas with Premier Midwest DJ & Entertainment Services

Florist: Sarah Fischer with Joyce’s Flowers

Event Coordinator with Livestrong Sporting Park: Alissa Cunningham at Livestrong Sporting Park

Click HERE to watch the video showcasing a beautiful song and favorite shots from this wedding!

Interested in having me shoot your wedding? Awesome! Contact me for details. (I live in Cleveland, Ohio so travel outside of the Cleveland area includes additional travel fees.)

Are you in the Kansas City area and would prefer a local photographer? Check out my friend, the fabulous Shayara with Shayara Mauck Photography. She will totally rock your wedding!

If you are curious about Danielle’s Blog, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s thoughtful, heart-warming, smart, and funny!

Special thanks to Danielle and Jason for allowing me to capture your wedding day. I had a great time! Big hugs and best wishes to you both!


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This is only the second birth that I have had the pleasure of witnessing (besides my own 2 C-sections) and man, it just never gets old. In fact, I’m willing to bet it’s awesome EVERY SINGLE TIME! I just find it so incredible even though scientifically, it’s business as usual. Baby Faith’s loving Daddy in the photos below is my cousin. It took a little convincing to get his wife to agree to let me photograph their baby’s birth, and I’m really glad she finally agreed. I’m holding out hope that someday she will look back on these photos and be so thankful that she has them. Sadly, I only have a few snapshots of my babies getting yanked from my innards, and now that they are 5 and 2 years old, I SOOO wish I had hired a photographer to document their births. You just can’t ever get that day back. That sweet but exhausting day you meet one of the most important people in your life.

On the day before Faith was born, I received the email update that not much progress was happening yet with the progression of the labor. After all, the due date was still a few weeks away. That night trying to get caught up on some editing, I chugged some sweet caffeine and stayed up until 2am, taking full advantage of a quiet house. An hour and a half later, I get the call from my cousin that they were at the hospital and the baby is a ‘comin! Whew. Some people don’t need much sleep to function like a normal human being. I’m NOT one of those people. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have been more excited to be heading to the hospital to call ‘Witness!’ to this miracle. Here are the pics of adorable baby Faith and her happy but exhausted parents.



p158153723 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


Then at 7:16am, out she came. Welcome to the world, little Pumpkin!




p403984615 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


p260677618 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


p217029256 4 Sweet Baby Faith   Birth


Thanks again to my cousin and his wife for letting me be a part of their incredible and life-changing day! Congrats to you both! Big kisses to Faith!

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July 21, 2011 PA or BUST!

Shhhh… I’ve got a secret to tell you: Pennsylvania  is BEAUTIFUL! Contrary to popular belief, our sister-to-the-east state is certainly NOT all Steelers fans, hillfolk and civil war buffs. Who knew?! Ok, maybe you did know. But I just found out. And I fell in LOVE with that state. Our little family spent 6 days there last week. Five straight days of amusement and/or water parks. Yyyyeeaaaahhhh…. Sounded like a good idea when I booked it. But think about it. A 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, walking in the heat or standing in line. For 5 whole days. And no naps. Sometimes it was a bit much as evidenced here…

p288740526 41 PA or BUST!

Nevertheless, we vacationed our little hearts out. Partially because I am too cheap to let those expensive amusement park tickets go to waste. Suck it up and get in the stroller, kids!

Yeah, this ice cream was a bad idea. Midway through eating these cones, the kids were sticky from head to toe and I am still trying to get that ice cream out of her clothes. Dang.

p1041947262 41 PA or BUST!

Here are a couple of the exhibits at the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh. The kids look like ants in an antfarm, no? This other shot is of a big rainstick. You just had to drop the stones into the little holes and they hit wooden pegs on the inside, plinking and plonking all the way down and out of the hole. I love that sound, so does Teagan…

p535702490 41 PA or BUST!

While at the Children’s Museum, the kids played in the water with provided raincoats and Crocs.

p506263589 41 PA or BUST!

From there, we went on the Ducky Tour Boat. It’s a pretty cool amphibious vehicle from the tail end of WWII. It is just so weird to be cruising along the streets, then drive right up the curb and into the water. Cal got to drive it briefly once it was in the water. Wish we had those things here in Cleveland. Sad face.

p252595882 41 PA or BUST!

Next, it was on to Hershey Park. The kids were so excited to stay in a hotel. Yet, with no cooking or cleaning to be done, there is no way anyone in this family enjoys hotel stays more than me…

p442456464 41 PA or BUST!

Check out these silos. They are full of cocoa beans. Now THAT’S a lot of chocolate!

p817830352 41 PA or BUST!

A couple rides at Hershey Park. Man, I wish I was on one of those roller coasters right now.

p549235101 41 PA or BUST!

Which ride do you think Cal likes better? The bumper cars or the frog jumper? He tells me he likes them both equally.

p535929196 41 PA or BUST!

This is how Teagan rode any of the ‘spinny’ rides, or as I like to call them, the ‘puke-fest’ rides.  Cal is so sweet. During the ride he just rubbed her head and said, “It’s ok, Babe.”

p278904148 41 PA or BUST!

Cal pretended he was having a campfire in the hotel room with his new stuffed owl and duck. Oh. And some beers, of course.

p516401253 41 PA or BUST!

While at Sesame Place, the kids got their faces painted. To avoid licensing issues, they couldn’t paint anything with a specific brand. So Cal got the generic superhero and Teagan got a butterfly. I was hoping for the Ultimate Warrior, but the whole legality thing put a damper on that.

p278442042 41 PA or BUST!

Here I am playing Peek-A-Boo with T while we wait for the boys.

p592216553 41 PA or BUST!

What could be grabbing the attention of my kids so intensely? The GARBAGE TRUCK, of course!

p353526819 41 PA or BUST!

Exhausted? Sure. But happy to have spent a week away from home and work. Excited to have created memories for our kids. Looking forward to finding another state to explore next year. Michigan, perhaps? Can’t wait!

p955002554 41 PA or BUST!

So the itinerary went like this:

Day 1: Children’s Museum and Ducky Tour in Pittsburgh, PA

Day 2: Hershey Park in Hershey, PA

Day 3: Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA

Days 4 & 5: Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA

Day 6: Brief stop at the beautiful Victorian Loft B&B in Clearfield, PA

It is worth mentioning the useful website I used to help plan and book this trip. It is called Disney Family but it gives information on lots of different areas and attractions, complete with suggested ages and reviews. You can find it HERE.

If you are bored and happen to be interested in seeing all of the 483 photos I took during this week in Pennsylvania, feel free to visit them HERE. Set it to slideshow or you’ll end up with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thank you Pennsylvania for being so fabulous. I’ll definitely be back!


Happy, happy first birthday to my precious niece Bella! Many kisses and hugs to you. Aunt Kris loves you!

p711721088 5 Happy Birthday, Bella!


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