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Back in 2000 when I was attending a job fair for Accountants (since my degree told me I was going to be one), I found myself following the guy with the camera, trying to check out his gear and see what he was shooting. Right then, something told me I had just wasted 5 years of my life studying the wrong field. I guess it wasn’t a total waste… I mean, I CAN do my own taxes. (sigh) It took me several years to follow my dream, but I’m following it nonetheless. I’m a wife to the luckiest guy I know. I’m a mother to two busy kids that make me laugh every day. And I have a bona fide obsession with all things Photography.  When I’m not feeding this obsession or helping my kids, I like to read murder-mystery books (with a side of smut and humor, of course). I also love traveling, stand-up comedy, watching cooking shows, weak coffee, and pretty much any kind of wine. Except Chablis. Oh, man, that is disgusting!

Also, feel free to check out my doTERRA page. Love me some doTERRA goodness!