January 15, 2014 Baby Palmer

Last year, I received an email from a newly pregnant Mama. She was having her first baby and wanted me to shoot the birth. Seeing as though THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING TO SHOOT, of course, I was THRILLED! So just after 10am on January 6th, I got the ‘we’re at the hospital and they are prepping her for surgery RIGHT NOW’ call. Thankfully, a delay in bloodwork allowed me to get there before they whisked her away… Here is Mama, just before heading into the operating room.

p19334855 5 Baby Palmer

Time check. Baby was born a mere 10 minutes later.

p688974817 5 Baby Palmer

Hanging in the labor and delivery room with the¬†grandparents and coworkers¬†was sweet. Everybody was happy and anxious and many of them expressed their ‘feelings’ about the new baby being a BOY. I’ve been there. You just KNOW it, right? WRONG! It was a GIRL! We were all shocked. Even the Mama and Daddy thought it was going to be a boy! Everyone was so excited! Seriously, smiles all around, everywhere I looked. This makes waiting to find out the sex of the baby totally WORTH it!

p1065834831 5 Baby Palmer

Every time I’ve shot a birth, I’ve cried a little happy tear. What can I say? I’m an emotional sap when it comes to love and babies. This time, it was right at this moment. Proud Daddy and his proud Dad. Both incredibly happy and in love.

p1060832170 5 Baby Palmer

Here are some other photos I captured of this happy family and sweet baby girl. This is one lucky little girl!

p964916294 5 Baby Palmer

p829289966 5 Baby Palmer

p599759662 5 Baby Palmer

p935963334 5 Baby Palmer

p1005401291 5 Baby Palmer

Let me tell you, this couple should have LOTS of kids. The world would be a better place if all babies came from such loving, patient, and tender families.

p769194143 5 Baby Palmer

Congrats to the Bradley and Palmer families! Thanks again for letting me capture your special day! -kw



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    You made the day so special by capturing it!

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