Remember my friends, Peas and Carrots? Welp. They finally did it. It’s done. They went ahead and got married.

I second-shot this wedding under the wonderfully sweet and friendly Renee with Studio Elle Photography. She generously let me do my thing and we worked together swimmingly. (Go ahead and check out her work. Seriously. She’s as sweet as she is talented.)

I really enjoy shooting documentary-style, and second-shooting weddings is the PERFECT opportunity to do just that. You see, Renee (or any other main photographer) gets all the must-have photos while I fetch the Gatorade and the groom’s Dad whom is shmoozing with the guests somewhere outside. (Yeah, I’m talking about you, Frank.) Yet when all are present and the main photographer is ready to go, she can do her thing comfortably and then I can creep along the sidelines and grab candid photos of things that happen during the day. Things that go unnoticed by most people. But for the stunner in the white dress and the dude by her side, they are the shots that trigger wonderful memories of that beautiful day. The big, huge day when rings and last names are shared.

Here are some of my favorites of that day…

p1135047770 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

Shoutout to Justine Collier with The Hair Specialists in Hudson. She and her crew did an amazing job with the bridal party’s hair and make-up!

p1135048212 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135047788 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135047808 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135047984 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048122 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048200 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048334 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048394 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048564 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

p1135048522 5 Peas And Carrots Get Hitched

Biggest heartfelt congratulations to the lovely Jaime and the wonderful Matt as they begin sharing bills and peeing with the door open. Uh, I mean marriage. Begin an everlasting and loving marriage. icon smile Peas And Carrots Get Hitched




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  1. Awesome job, Kristen! I was incredibly lucky to have you as a second shooter for the day! Thanks so much again :)

  2. Pat McParland says:

    Want to see more. Absolutely beautiful photos of beautiful people.
    Love Pat

  3. Sarah Thompson says:

    what a beautiful couple! great photos!

  4. Sondra Varner says:

    No wonder you were crying during the entire shoot! You got to see all these amazing shots happen in real time. Amazing job. LOVE THEM

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