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My husband and I started this tradition before we had kids. But like many things, kids make the experience even better. This past Saturday, we made our annual trip to Sugar Pines Farm  in Chesterland, Ohio where the process of cutting down your own tree runs like a well-oiled machine. They provide the wagons and saws. You provide the labor and cash. Now that my son is old enough to help, I am pretty much there for comic relief and to take pictures. Which is pretty much why I am invited to do anything at all. And I wouldn’t want it any other way…

p884510942 4 Cutting down the ol Christmas Tree
p880746948 5 Cutting down the ol Christmas Tree

p824145362 5 Cutting down the ol Christmas Tree

p322025049 5 Cutting down the ol Christmas Tree

p246631766 4 Cutting down the ol Christmas Tree


Right now my house smells like peppermint and pine. Santa and the Elf he sent us watch over my kids. And comfort foods are ALWAYS on the menu… I love this time of year!


December 4, 2011 Daines Family

This is my sister’s family. All blonde and blue-eyed beauties. We took these photos first at South Chagrin Reservation in Bentleyville, Ohio. Then on another day, we went to Squire’s Castle in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. Our Cleveland and Lake Metroparks are FANTASTIC! You should go see them. No, really. They are way fun.

Pretty Ruby…

p153653001 5 Daines Family

p1058271963 4 Daines Family

Cutie Patootie Lily…

p872344870 5 Daines Family

p234537782 4 Daines Family

p37488057 5 Daines Family

p1050285350 4 Daines Family

p317059537 5 Daines Family

p160076466 5 Daines Family

Love watching these girls grow and change. They are so sweet!

December 4, 2011 Nathan and Brianna

Here are my nephew and niece, Nathan and Brianna. Like most kids, they were somewhat hesitant to have their pictures taken. After a small bribe and a slight threat from their mother, they reluctantly played along. Then they became a photographer’s dream… Not only did they ham it up for the camera, they each came up with ideas, pretty good ideas actually, for pics and kept wanting me to do more. So, here is the result of our collaborative effort.

p715106317 4 Nathan and Brianna

p739185347 4 Nathan and Brianna

p978643692 4 Nathan and Brianna

p724751874 4 Nathan and Brianna

p502988517 4 Nathan and Brianna

p530622058 4 Nathan and Brianna

p39884957 5 Nathan and Brianna

Too funny not to post… This pic was Nathan’s idea. He wanted me to get a shot of him with some acorns he gathered. So he strategically placed them and posed.

p252945908 4 Nathan and Brianna

Thanks for being so cute and helpful, Nathan & Bri! Until next time!

Here are a few pics I got of Sweet Baby Faith, when she was only 8 wee-little days old. Check out her Birth session HERE! My cousin is a big Tarheels fan. Yeah, I don’t get it either. But the blue and white colors really brings out Faith’s pretty blue eyes! That counts for something, right?! So here is Faith in her Tarheels get-up.

p250490738 4 Baby Faith   8 Days Old

Then we have sweet-bundle-of-Christmas-joy baby…

p256826947 5 Baby Faith   8 Days Old

And then we have Faith getting some Mama-lovin’…

p214110712 5 Baby Faith   8 Days Old

p910868131 4 Baby Faith   8 Days Old

I wanted to sneak her home in my camera bag, she’s such a sweet little honey!

December 1, 2011 Lily – Third Birthday

Here are pics of my niece Lily, turning the big 3! This girl has amazing communication abilities. Even since before she was 2 years old, you could seriously sit down and have a full-out conversation with her. In these pics, I was testing out my new Lightscoop flash adapter thingy. Me likey! First things first, a party isn’t a party until there is hard liquor, no?

p610037869 4 Lily   Third Birthday

p72445782 4 Lily   Third Birthday

“Wow. A princess cake!”

p846498543 4 Lily   Third Birthday

Lily really loved her gifts, as you can see…

p445066366 4 Lily   Third Birthday

p948822018 4 Lily   Third Birthday

Check out this wrapping job. This makes total sense to me. Now I know what to do with all that junk mail I get every day…

p587211328 4 Lily   Third Birthday

p409234570 4 Lily   Third Birthday

Happy Birthday, Lil! Aunt Kris loves you!