July 21, 2011 PA or BUST!

Shhhh… I’ve got a secret to tell you: Pennsylvania  is BEAUTIFUL! Contrary to popular belief, our sister-to-the-east state is certainly NOT all Steelers fans, hillfolk and civil war buffs. Who knew?! Ok, maybe you did know. But I just found out. And I fell in LOVE with that state. Our little family spent 6 days there last week. Five straight days of amusement and/or water parks. Yyyyeeaaaahhhh…. Sounded like a good idea when I booked it. But think about it. A 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, walking in the heat or standing in line. For 5 whole days. And no naps. Sometimes it was a bit much as evidenced here…

p288740526 41 PA or BUST!

Nevertheless, we vacationed our little hearts out. Partially because I am too cheap to let those expensive amusement park tickets go to waste. Suck it up and get in the stroller, kids!

Yeah, this ice cream was a bad idea. Midway through eating these cones, the kids were sticky from head to toe and I am still trying to get that ice cream out of her clothes. Dang.

p1041947262 41 PA or BUST!

Here are a couple of the exhibits at the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh. The kids look like ants in an antfarm, no? This other shot is of a big rainstick. You just had to drop the stones into the little holes and they hit wooden pegs on the inside, plinking and plonking all the way down and out of the hole. I love that sound, so does Teagan…

p535702490 41 PA or BUST!

While at the Children’s Museum, the kids played in the water with provided raincoats and Crocs.

p506263589 41 PA or BUST!

From there, we went on the Ducky Tour Boat. It’s a pretty cool amphibious vehicle from the tail end of WWII. It is just so weird to be cruising along the streets, then drive right up the curb and into the water. Cal got to drive it briefly once it was in the water. Wish we had those things here in Cleveland. Sad face.

p252595882 41 PA or BUST!

Next, it was on to Hershey Park. The kids were so excited to stay in a hotel. Yet, with no cooking or cleaning to be done, there is no way anyone in this family enjoys hotel stays more than me…

p442456464 41 PA or BUST!

Check out these silos. They are full of cocoa beans. Now THAT’S a lot of chocolate!

p817830352 41 PA or BUST!

A couple rides at Hershey Park. Man, I wish I was on one of those roller coasters right now.

p549235101 41 PA or BUST!

Which ride do you think Cal likes better? The bumper cars or the frog jumper? He tells me he likes them both equally.

p535929196 41 PA or BUST!

This is how Teagan rode any of the ‘spinny’ rides, or as I like to call them, the ‘puke-fest’ rides.  Cal is so sweet. During the ride he just rubbed her head and said, “It’s ok, Babe.”

p278904148 41 PA or BUST!

Cal pretended he was having a campfire in the hotel room with his new stuffed owl and duck. Oh. And some beers, of course.

p516401253 41 PA or BUST!

While at Sesame Place, the kids got their faces painted. To avoid licensing issues, they couldn’t paint anything with a specific brand. So Cal got the generic superhero and Teagan got a butterfly. I was hoping for the Ultimate Warrior, but the whole legality thing put a damper on that.

p278442042 41 PA or BUST!

Here I am playing Peek-A-Boo with T while we wait for the boys.

p592216553 41 PA or BUST!

What could be grabbing the attention of my kids so intensely? The GARBAGE TRUCK, of course!

p353526819 41 PA or BUST!

Exhausted? Sure. But happy to have spent a week away from home and work. Excited to have created memories for our kids. Looking forward to finding another state to explore next year. Michigan, perhaps? Can’t wait!

p955002554 41 PA or BUST!

So the itinerary went like this:

Day 1: Children’s Museum and Ducky Tour in Pittsburgh, PA

Day 2: Hershey Park in Hershey, PA

Day 3: Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA

Days 4 & 5: Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA

Day 6: Brief stop at the beautiful Victorian Loft B&B in Clearfield, PA

It is worth mentioning the useful website I used to help plan and book this trip. It is called Disney Family but it gives information on lots of different areas and attractions, complete with suggested ages and reviews. You can find it HERE.

If you are bored and happen to be interested in seeing all of the 483 photos I took during this week in Pennsylvania, feel free to visit them HERE. Set it to slideshow or you’ll end up with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thank you Pennsylvania for being so fabulous. I’ll definitely be back!

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