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April 29, 2011 Nathan and Brianna

Last weekend I had a cancellation and the day was remarkably beautiful so my sister-in-law offered her kids for a session. Introducing for the first time to my website, Nathan and Brianna…

 Nathan and Brianna

Here are some of my favorites of Nathan, looking all handsome in his jean jacket and talking about his various dinosaurs.

 Nathan and Brianna

And here we have my favorites of Brianna. Look at all that gorgeous hair!

 Nathan and Brianna

Interested in a session? Click HERE for pricing and information. Thanks! -kew

April 8, 2011 Model for a Day!

I am one of several girls that get together monthly to play Bunco, which is a ridiculously easy dice game. Our husbands like to refer to it as Drunko. And honestly, I think that’s a better fit. Anyhow, in 2011, we decided that instead of playing Bunco, the host-of-the-month gets to decide what we do for her month. So for my month -March- I hired fabulous Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Sara Smith and did a mini photo session for each girl. Here are the results. These photos are proof that women can be mothers (and even grandmothers!) and still look incredible!

First up, Mary… She was the most reluctant of the group to get in front of my camera. But I think she looks great!

p628394927 4 Model for a Day!

Next up is the brave Julie. Former mayor in the house, yo! Show her some love!

p785606599 5 Model for a Day!

Check out Michele! Isn’t she gorgeous! Shout out to Loretta from New Design for this beautiful hairstyle.

p969441408 4 Model for a Day!

Now on to Laura, looking radiant as usual. Sexy Mama, coming through…

p543432857 5 Model for a Day!

Next up, Sandy. Another hot Mama in the house! Watch out kids, this house is on FFFIIIIYYYYYAAA…

p778912218 5 Model for a Day!

Here we have Jodee, the captain of this ship. And by ship, I mean ‘shipwreck’ that is our Bunco group.

Beautiful eyes on this one!

p572493725 4 Model for a Day!

And last but not least, we have the huge-hearted and striking Rena!

p412603419 5 Model for a Day!

Are these ladies amazing or what?! Thanks to my girls for being fabulous Models for a Day!

Special shoutout to the friendly and helpful Nathan at Dodd Camera for his amazing customer service. Need to rent some photography equipment? Give him a call and tell him I sent you.

Also, because of several requests, HERE is the recipe for the delicious Taco Soup that I served at Bunco.

Looking for a lovely and talented Independent Beauty Consultant for your wedding or other occasion? Contact the beautiful Sara Smith of Mary Kay Cosmetics HERE.

Are you interested in having a Complimentary¬†Skin Care/Glamour Makeover (with purchase) and photoshoot with your friends? Do you live in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area? Do you have wine? Kidding, kidding… I’ll bring my own box of wine.¬† Contact me and we’ll get this party started!